Golden Oak 750Ml

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Golden Oak is a blend of exquisite single malt and the grain spirit. The blend is more balanced, full bodied and easier to drink than their other counterparts in 40up segments. The aromas are established on palate as well, followed by long, lingering finish of oakwood cask. Golden Oak, with lower alcohol content, can be drunk neat, though it could be served well on rocks. Rs. 1,040 1 Useful Links Terms & Conditions Return Policy Privacy Policy About Us Cheers is the largest online store in Nepal that offers an extensive selection of genuine liquors and daily groceries. We provide free delivery right at your doorstep within 45 minutes, with distance coverage up to 6km outside Ring Road. Our delivery hours are from 10am to 10pm, and we are open 365 days. Payment Options Cash On Delivery Cash On Delivery Card On Delivery Card On Delivery Connect IPS Connect IPS eSewa eSewa Fonepay Fonepay NPR Online Payment NPR Online Payment International Payment International Payment Get

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